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WorldOnews is a news application which also fetches information from various national and international sources and presents it in a single platform. We support only one language that is English. All the news contain a heading and the main news, so you do not have to be a professional smartphone user to use this application. The user interface has been designed very simple so that people do not face any sort of trouble using it.


English (U.S.)
Up to 10 key features of your app, one feature per line. These features will appear on the Appstore website, formatted as a bulleted list.
• General News Information: We provide general daily news and information from around the world through national and international sources which makes it easy for you to keep yourself updated to what is happening around the world.
• Trending News Information: This section is made to show special and trending information or news that can make the headlines very easily. This informations are also collected through national and international sources.
• Future Goals:
• We are looking forward to update this app a lot more and for that we need user feedbacks. We will also introduce a program inside this application where the users can participate in providing news and informations in this application and also earn money while doing this.
• Be Smart Be Ahead with WorldONews
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